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Durable and stylish. Cedar Blinds gives any house colour and style. Western red Cedar is a great natural product that is very durable, long lasting and easy to refurbish. There is no point throwing out your cedar blinds after years of use when you can recoat the timber for a fraction of the price of a new blind. Privacy and light control come easy with a venetian blind. The wider the blade the more control you have.

Western red cedar venetian Blinds can also be on the outside of your house to cut cooling costs which can be motorised for the hard to reach window.

You can recognize Western red cedar by its pink to reddish color, sometimes intermixed in broad bands of amber, cream and brown. Mostly straight-grained, the grain may occasionally wander with swirls of color. With such decidedly crisp and dynamic properties, there really is nothing else that compares to this natural beauty.

Being able to withstand so many conditions, this type of wood is often favoured for its decay resistance and is a high quality product. It naturally resists rot over time, upwards of 40 years. This quality alone makes it a favoured choice for exterior siding, despite its softness.

Can come in a range of
colours and sizes.

Custom made and Australian made from seaforth mfg for over 69 years.


Flat 70mm -delux-harbour bridge style 90mm



Western Red CedarAs durable as cedar faux wood blinds

One of the main questions people have when looking to buy cedar Venetians is how long they are likely to last. There is a misconception that cedar blinds are vulnerable to weathering or fade from the sun, but this is not the case. Despite being a softwood, cedar is strong and durable, and will not break or rot, even under the harshest of weather conditions. Because of this, cedar is used in many environments around the world, including in snowy conditions and where there is high heat and humidity, such as in saunas. That makes cedar Venetians a great choice for long-lasting blinds in Sydney, even if you install them outdoors.

Great look, great smell

If you know someone with cedar Venetian blinds in Sydney you will have noticed that they have a distinctive fragrance. Cedarwood has a subtle, pleasant aroma that you do not get with other types of wooden Venetian blinds. Cedar Venetians also look great, giving your home a trendy and elegant look and feel.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Faux blinds are often made with plastics. As non-renewable materials, they cannot be recycled, and will never break down. With genuine cedar blinds, this is not a concern. Not only is cedar easy and environmentally friendly to dispose of, but as cedar blinds specialists we make sure that all wood comes from certified Australian forests that have demonstrated sustainable management practices. As well as reducing the amount of plastic used, good forestry practices also make cedar Venetians exceptionally affordable.

At Seaforth Blinds we make cedar blinds to your exact measurements and in a range of colours. For the best custom-made cedar Venetian blinds in Hornsby, Balmain or elsewhere in Sydney, drop us an enquiry or get in touch by phone.

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