May 2021

Family and Kids room

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
26/05/2021 18:41 PM
Family and kids rooms. With the cold weather well on its way and more time spent at home, it’s so important to create aliving space that’s warm, welcoming and perfectly suited to your day-to-day...

Bathroom. Which Blinds?

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
24/05/2021 13:19 PM
BEST BLINDS FOR THE BATHROOM?   When it comes time to choose blinds for the bathroom there are three essential boxes you need totick-Privacy, durability, and light control. Selecting the wrong...

Vertical Blinds a smart choice for larger windows?

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
16/05/2021 08:52 AM
Vertical blinds for the home and office    Vertical blinds are a easy window dressing for a whole lot of spaces, both in the home and within commercial properties. Sleek, durable, and...

Kitchen Blind Ideas

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
07/05/2021 20:43 PM
WHAT BLINDS TO USE FOR YOUR KITCHEN? The kitchen especially above the kitchen sick is a high splash area and cancome in contact with food spatter, water or grease on a regular basis. Going with...

Roller blinds an affordable option?

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
06/05/2021 10:48 AM
ALL ABOUT ROLLER BLINDS. A relatively new design in the history of blinds, roller shades are rewriting the rules of coverings.They are uniquely beautiful and light, coming in a limitless array of...