June 2021

Benefits of shutters

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
28/06/2021 10:49 AM
Did you know the benefits of shutters? Shutters are the most popular window covering in Australia right now. With there beautiful timeless look and the convenience of easy cleaning and light display...

best blinds for winter

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
28/06/2021 10:00 AM
Best blinds for the winter   Did you know that up to 35% of the heat in your home can disappear via windows, doors and draughts, so insulating your home against heat loss can help reduce your...

Outdoor Roller Blinds. Turn a Outdoor space into a room

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
10/06/2021 06:49 AM
Outdoor roller blinds (straight drop awnings)   Outdoor blinds placed on a patio, veranda or pergola can help protect against driving rains and harsh sunlight. Outdoor blinds help shade your...

Curtains. The Classy Window Covering

Posted By Morgan Parks ,
01/06/2021 19:00 PM
Classy and clean curtains. With the cold weather coming in quickly curtains are a great option to help keep in warmth and keepthe room dark and private. The most popular is layering curtains in the li...