Benefits of shutters

Posted By Morgan Parks  
10:49 AM

Did you know the benefits of shutters?

Shutters are the most popular window covering in Australia right now. With there beautiful timeless look and the convenience of easy cleaning and light display they simply are the easiest blind to look after.

While shutters are closed, the wooden panels offer good sound insulation, and some heat insulation, too. This works both ways – in the summer, it’s possible to open the windows while keeping the panels shut, allowing air to flow while keeping the heat from the sun out.

Shutters with louvres can be angled to control how much light gets into the room – in much the same way that blinds can be angled. When you want to let light flood into the room, the panels can be fully opened. Adjusting the louvres can direct light away from furniture and flooring, prolonging the life of the furniture and preventing patterns from fading. Many shutters are finished with a UV-protective layer, which will protect the paint or wood stain finish, and stop the panels from warping.