Curtains. The Classy Window Covering

Posted By Morgan Parks  
19:00 PM

Classy and clean curtains.

With the cold weather coming in quickly curtains are a great option to help keep in warmth and keep
the room dark and private.

The most popular is layering curtains in the living room. This method is functional, practical, and
appealing to the eye, making it a winner in our books. Layered curtains add depth to the windows
and provide an extra layer of insulation that is ideal for colder months. You can open the curtains to
control the light that enters the room or close them for privacy and warmth.
If you choose to double layer you have the option to mix and match different colours and patterns
or to even put a roller blind or venetians behind to give extra warmth and privacy.



If you have floor to ceiling windows in your living room then you can hang sheers to give an elegant
and clean look.
Sheers invite natural lighting and brightens up the room while still giving you privacy and model
classy look. Sheer curtains are easy to care for, relatively inexpensive and available in a variety of
soft colours to match your living room palette. You can also overlap sheer curtains so you can play around with different colours to match your furniture and the feel of your room.