Family and Kids room

Posted By Morgan Parks  
18:41 PM

Family and kids rooms.

With the cold weather well on its way and more time spent at home, it’s so important to create a
living space that’s warm, welcoming and perfectly suited to your day-to-day activities.
Layered window dressings are a great way to bring more warmth and personality into a room. You
may select a blackout, easy roller blind for its practicality, but you can amp up the style by adding
curtains on top. Not only will this increase the functionality of your window display, but it will add
texture and depth, perfect for a stylish family space.

Our range of fabrics is another option if you want to treat each family member to their very own
colour or style. Choose from a selection of fun prints and colours this is a lovely idea for children’s
bedrooms or playrooms.

Every parent knows the importance of your child getting a good night’s sleep, and blinds can help
achieve this. Block out roller blinds will ensure your child’s room is nice and dark at bed time, even in
those light summer months! Being in a darkened environment can help encourage sleep and signal
to your child it’s time for bed. The blackout function will help in the early hours too, ensuring that
light mornings don’t wake your child and prevent them from getting an uninterrupted full night’s sleep.