Vertical Blinds a smart choice for larger windows?

Posted By Morgan Parks  
08:52 AM

Vertical blinds for the home and office


 Vertical blinds are a easy window dressing for a whole lot of spaces, both in the home and within commercial properties. Sleek, durable, and offering 180 degrees of rotation, vertical blinds are an ideal solution for areas that require a smart and reliable window dressing that can also control light and air flow efficiently.

They are ideal for creating a professional tone in the workplace, vertical blinds are also the perfect way to create a breezy and spacious atmosphere in your home; the effortlessly craft a relaxed and calm feel, while maintaining the room’s style and elegance.

Vertical blinds come in all different colours and styles to suit every home or office style.

For long windows venetian blinds can become quite heavy to operate and roller blinds look like a solid block of colour that some people don’t enjoy. Vertical blinds are made from louvres, and these hanging strips of fabric helps to create a gentler effect for window shading.