Outdoor Cedar venetian blinds ( motorised and manual )



Outdoor cedar blinds and outdoor timber blinds

Australian made by seaforth mfg for over 69 years.


Western red cedar  itself as a great martial for blinds. Cedar is great for blocking out the sun and heat as the timber never gets hot and heat is never transferred on the glass or area behind. Suitable for home or office western red cedar venetians are of the highest quality for external use for there weather protecting properties. supplied and installed by seaforth blinds.


Here at seaforth blinds we have over 69 years of experience with cedar and how it preforms in the Australian climate. Our external cedar blinds have lastest many years with the oldest on record of 40 years and counting. 

Durable,stylish and natural . Cedar gives any house colour and style.


Cedar Slat size

Blade size 70mm



manual (cord operation ) or electric ( motorised )

Cables for guides. ( stop the blinds moving around in the wind )



oiled -stained -painted. 


Remote options are available for easy control.

Wind sensors available. For that piece of mind that if the wind picks up and your not at home your blinds will be safe. 


Being able to withstand so many conditions, this type of wood is often favoured for its decay resistance. It naturally resists rot over time, upwards of 40 years. This quality alone makes it a favoured choice for exterior siding, despite its softness.



As one of the world’s most unique softwood species, Western Red Cedar comes with many benefits, and has gained a reputation for its natural rich tones and high durability. This has made it a popular choice for external architectural use, as it can withstand the elements without compromising on style.

Benefits Of Western Red Cedar


Thermal protection

When it comes to thermal insulation, Western Red Cedar is both practical and eco-friendly. Its low density makes it the best insulator of any available softwood, also outperforming brick, concrete and steel. When used as exterior Blinds, Western Red Cedar keeps buildings cooler in summer,
while cutting heating costs in winter. This results in reduced energy usage and contributes towards a higher Green Star building rating.

Structure & performance

Western Red Cedar offers outstanding dimensional stability. With an Australian Durability Rating of 2, Western Red Cedar offers twice the stability of most commonly available conifers. Western Red Cedar is resistant to cupping, warping and shrinking, even when milled into intricate profiles. This highly-practical species offers exceptional durability, even without the use of coating. The naturally-occurring preservatives present in Western Red Cedar provide in-built resistance to termites, moisture and decay.


Acoustic Properties

With the right engineering, Western Red Cedar timber can meet various acoustic ratings when used in internal architectural designs. The open cellular structure of Western Red helps to absorb and dissipate sound, making it effective at confining noise. For external applications the timber’s sound deflection properties are perfect for those rooms where noise is an issue.





Companies used for finishes are feastwatson-cabots-dulux-taubans