Cedar Venetian Blinds


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Durable and stylish. Cedar Blinds gives any house colour and style. Western red Cedar is a great natural product that is very durable, long lasting and easy to refurbish. There is no point throwing out your cedar blinds after years of use when you can recoat the timber for a fraction of the price of a new blind. Privacy and light control come easy with a venetian blind. The wider the blade the more control you have.


Western red cedar venetian Blinds can also be on the outside of your house to cut cooling costs which can be motorised for the hard to reach window.


You can recognize Western red cedar by its pink to reddish color, sometimes intermixed in broad bands of amber, cream and brown. Mostly straight-grained, the grain may occasionally wander with swirls of color. With such decidedly crisp and dynamic properties, there really is nothing else that compares to this natural beauty.


Being able to withstand so many conditions, this type of wood is often favoured for its decay resistance and is a high quality product. It naturally resists rot over time, upwards of 40 years. This quality alone makes it a favoured choice for exterior siding, despite its softness.


Can come in a range of colours and sizes.

Custom made and Australian made from seaforth mfg for over 69 years.


Slat width



flat 70mm -delux-harbour bridge style 90mm



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Western Red Cedar