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Roller blinds an affordable option?



A relatively new design in the history of blinds, roller shades are rewriting the rules of coverings.

They are uniquely beautiful and light, coming in a limitless array of stunning fabrics, colours and designs that suit every home and every décor. A room dressed with these stylish coverings commands so much attention.

Roller blinds come in many different designs and materials, so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to styling your home!
Some of the most popular styles include:

° Blockout roller blinds
°Light filtering roller blinds
°Sunscreen roller blinds

These designs are all available in different colours and materials. They also have wonderful UV ratings to protect furnishings in your house.



Roller blinds are a cheap but practical choice, you can get an expensive look for a great price.

You can have plain colours, designs, or patterns to fit in with the design of your home, also with privacy and light regulation throughout the entire house while still having some money left for
another home project. Something you would not be able to do if you opted for shutters.

Roller blinds are very easily maintained. For accumulated dust, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean while for minor stains, a damp cloth comes in handy, but don’t be too rough on the fabric as its
coating may get damaged or its colour may fade.

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