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Cedar, basswood timber shutters and pvc Shutters for interior use. Powder coated Aluminium or louvers for external use. Service advice and customer service supplied and installed for home or business at affordable prices.


Energy Savings the thick materials that Plantation Shutters are made from block out the suns heat in the Summer while keeping the warmth in in the Winter. Child Safety. Fitted to your home stop awful accidents happening.

We often see horror stories on the news of children falling out of windows they have climbed up onto.

Plantation shutters allow you to double the security on your windows. More control of air flow. Add extra insulation to your home. 80% of heat that escapes the home does so through the cracks around windows and doors. Shutters will stop this. Home improvement values (adding value to your home’s selling price). Regardless of the amount spent on Plantation Shutters, they will add 10% to 15% value to your home because they are made to last and give the home owner absolute control of privacy and air flow. Possible reduction’s on home owner’s insurance. Benefits of Plantation Shutters extend beyond just aesthetics.


Durable Aluminium Plantation Shutters sit on the exterior of your home, they are made out of only the most durable of materials for exterior use. Made for Australian weather conditions

Dulux powder coated finishes will last you years to come. With a large range of colours to choose from.

If you are considering purchasing Plantation Shutters for your home, rest-assure that the list of benefits go on-and-on. The once dated window covering has been modernized and re-vamped so suit any new home. For more information on our range contact us today.

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