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Aluminium Shutters External

Product Benefits

Aluminium shutters are a high quality product! Comes with a 7 YEAR warranty.

People invest in aluminium shutters and screens for two reasons, they provide adequate protection for their homes and for added protection against intruders and the harsh outdoor elements.

Corrosion resistant and long life for peace of mind

Aluminium corrosion rates are extremely low because of the powder coated finish making this product is a fantastic alternative to steel and other outdoor materials as aluminium forms a thin oxide layer that protects itself from further rust damage. This means that our Vueline range will last for years even in a corrosive environment. 

Reflective and heat insulating

Aluminium reflects light which helps keep your outdoor living areas cool in summer months. When closed, aluminium shutters will also trap heat in the room, perfect for winter months and minimising heater usage. Aluminium has better thermal conductivity properties than steel.

As strong as steel but much lighter and more flexible

Aluminium is around 25% lighter than steel while offering similar strength but with added flexibility. Aluminium is softer and easier to cut and form than steel allowing for easier customisation.

Highly durable

With strength like steel, and a natural barrier against corrosion it is fair to say that aluminium shutters and screens are perhaps the most durable of all shutter types. You can expect your aluminium shutters or screens to last years with very little maintenance and are easy to clean.


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